As a third generation artist, Shannon approaches her art with a lifelong passion.  Her mother, an artist, recognized her talent at an early age and nurtured her creative abilities.  A scholarship merit award won in an art contest in high school set the precedent for what would later become an accommodating career and lifestyle.  She began painting consistently and professionally when the youngest of her three children reached school age.

Because of Shannon’s unlimited use of subject matter, her compositions have been described as “versatile, with eclectic flair.”  Shannon’s art reflects her love for simplistic, natural subjects, brought to life with rich brilliance of color and abundant texture.  This original technique, achieved with a brush and palette knife, gives her art a unique quality of individuality.

Shannon is a longtime resident of Franklin, Tennessee, where her studio is located in the Historic Downtown area, above The Shop Around The Corner.  Her paintings are featured in corporate and private collections throughout the United States.

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